Project Description

Rupert Murdoch

My submission for the May 2012 Whitechapel REMAKE/REMODEL: F@#K F@#KING VAMPIRES.

You will design for me a Creature who can live Among Us. We want a fiend who preys on the community in as creepy and unconventional a way as possible. Avoid obviousness – this isn’t a guzzler-of-flesh, but a Stealer Of Power. Does it eat laughter? Ideas? Screams? Sexuality? What role in society would it take: this thinner-of-the-human herd?

Put away the folklore bibles. Don’t even bother flumfing around on Wikipedia for foreign versions of the vampire trope. You will be original. You will be cunning and clever and sinister and awesome. And funny, if you like.

What does the SuckBeast of today – or, hey, tomorrow – look like?